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Process of Banana Fibre Production

Searching and finding
Our artisans searches and find out the Banana Cultivation place. Banana Stem within 5 days of harvest is suitable for this process. The selected banana stem is then transported to our Production Centre.
Extraction of fiber
The extraction is carried out in two methods, Hand Method and Machine method. in hand method - Fiber is extracted from the banana stem manually. Banana Stem is placed on the working table and extraction is carried out using Knives. The Hand method takes long time for extraction. About 1kg of fiber per day can only be extracted by this method. Machine Method – Fiber is extracted with the help of Extractor Machine. It helps to produce 15kg fiber per day. The best quality fiber is taken out from the extracted for the further process. .
The dyeing Process begins. Firstly, color which is suitable selected. Then this selected colour is mixed in water and put in dye-pot Vessel. The color mixed water is boiled well. Quality fiber, which was selected earlier in the above process is inserted in these colour water and it is kept in the dyeing pot for a certain time. Then this coloured fiber is removed from the pot and is exposed in the sunlight. It is dried in the sunlight. The best quality coloured fiber is ready..
After dyeing, the dyed fiber is plated. Around 500 products can be prepared from the Banana Fiber. Plating for each product differs from the other products. Different leaves are essential for different product. Different leaves prepared, are then joined together to manufacture a product. Twisting machine helps to carry out the platting process easily. This is the modern technique of plating.
After the above process, Variety of banana fiber products are manufactured..
The manufactured products are kept in rack. As per the order for the purchase of product it is packed and send